Does "Vegan" really Just mean Plastic?

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

A lot of controversy circulates around using the term “vegan” to manipulate buyers into purchasing plastic at a higher price point than when you just call it what it is- plastic. We see this a lot in the apparel business as well. Fashion businesses are selling polyester and labeling it vegan. However, in the beauty industry, this term takes on a higher meaning since often products are tested on animals. Here are a few things you should know about going vegan when it comes to your lash extensions.

Why do we claim our services are vegan? What makes these products special and not just plastic? 

First, I will tell you that I have tried basic plastic/synthetic lashes in the past when vegan products were not an option. They are heavy, oddly shaped, and uncomfortable. Just like a synthetic hair extension, they do not do well with heat. My clients were coming back with burned lashes from just being in the sun too long or opening their oven. I almost didn’t believe this was possible until I, too opened my oven and looked in too closely.. I was the proud new owner of crimped lashes.

Important Side Note: We also need to recognize the plastic in our every day products and beauty services are not good for our environment and we should put the pressure on one another as lash techs, and on our manufacturers to innovate. One small way we can try to help is by recycling our lash extension trays and paying attention to the amount of waste we are producing at our salons.


While the lashes we use are in fact partly synthetic, there are different ways to source and manufacture synthetic materials to create a better lash. We believe it’s important to purchase lashes at a higher cost that feel like mink, without actually harming animals. If you’re a lash tech, it is also important to make sure whichever product you’re purchasing isn’t just “vegan” but CRUELTY-FREE meaning no animal testing. For us, personally this was the most important detail. Our products are 100 percent PETA approved and our glue is also cruelty-free and formaldehyde free. The bond is just as strong as leading glues you're used to and you won’t feel like you’ve compromised your retention by making the switch. 

We work really hard to bring you a luxury experience during your appointment while keeping our prices competitive. Why go cruelty-free? Because you can, so why not? We promise you won’t miss your old lashes. Time to upgrade ya.

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Disclaimer: I'm not an environmentalist or an animal rights expert. These opinions are my own based on research.